Beach, BBQ, Baseball and Family. Celebrates Memorial Day.

memorial day

Sandi White will spend her Memorial Day Weekend here. Yes, we’re jealous.

Memorial Day Weekend is a time to remember and honor all Americans who have served our country.  It’s also the unofficial first weekend of summer. Here at we’re stocking up on sun block, firing up the grill and getting ready to spend some quality time with family.   Here’s how we’ll be spending our first three days of summer.  What are you up to this weekend?

“I’ll be at the Washington Nationals game to watch my brother-in-law throw out the first pitch on behalf of the U.S. Navy.”  Bart Epstein, SVP

“Going home to CT to visit my parents and my dogs. I’ll spend Memorial Day out on a boat at my aunt and uncle’s lake house.”   Lauren Lobdell, Client Services

“Time with family!”   Krissie Smith, Sales Director

“Heading to the most beautiful place on earth—Lake Tahoe—And spending most of my waking hours for three days at the end of a beautiful dock!”  Sandi White, VP Sales

“Beach time with my family.” Tania Enders,  Marketing Manager

“BBQ at the lake and my local Memorial Day Parade.” Tom Squillace, Sales Director

“I’ll be at Fort Myer introducing students to!”  Jennifer Marsh, Client Services

“Barbecue and summer blockbuster movies.  Kung Fu Panda 2 with the kids, and The Hangover Part 2 with the wife” David Chin, Product Manager

“I’m doing the NYC-shuffle!  Moving from the East Side to the West Side for a summer sublet.”  Stephen Schrage, Marketing Coordinator  

“Sleep!”  Duane Romanell, sleep -deprived Creative Director

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

– Jennifer Kohn, VP of Corporate Communications who will be visiting the Bronx Zoo and checking out Animals and Acrobats this weekend with her family.


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