Wake Up and Read!

Fifty three years ago the American Library Association (ALA) and American Book Publishers joined forces to form the National Book Committee and kicked off the very first National Library Week.  The slogan was “Wake Up and Read!” The goal was to inspire people to read and improve their incomes, health and family life.

Much has changed since 1958.  Now you can download War and Peace to an e-reader or laptop while your coffee cools.  But reading, no matter how or where you do it, still inspires us. 

This week take the time to celebrate Nationa Library Week and  discover all the charms of your local public library.

Visit the Library Not yet a member of your local library?  Join and experience all the free services the library offers like e-books, movies, music, programs and much more.

 Get Creative Tweet a Haiku about your library. The American Library Association is giving away a $50 amazon gift card to the best “Taiku.”

 Get Discounts Recycle books and stay stylish with Book Purses and Paperback Wallets with a 15% off discount on Rebound Designs at Etsy with promo code LibraryWeek11. 

 Make Amends This week many libraries are forgiving fines or doing special exchanges of fines for canned goods. Check to see if your library is participating in a similar program.

Laura Brown is our new Tutor.com intern, book club member and NYU graduate student.

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  1. Tutoring Match May 6, 2011 at 1:39 PM #

    The key to getting people to enjoy reading is to expose them to the joys of reading at a young age. For many youths, this is done at a local library. Story hours encourage reading and help to bring a book alive. Hopefully, it’s something that will be carried with them throughout adulthood.

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