Celebrating 25 Years of Math (Week, Month, STEM)!

25 years of mathWhat is or was your favorite class in school?  Nine times out of ten algebra, physics or calculus isn’t the answer.  For twenty five years the U.S. has been working to change that.  In fact, April is Math Month. Back in 1986 President Ronald Reagan created Mathematics Awareness Week.  The President wanted to acknowledge that while mathematics was increasingly important to the U.S. economy and society, enrollment in math courses was declining.  There was a lot of hoopla that first year with a national exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution and receptions on Capitol Hill. By 1999, the week was extended to a month.

These days the talk is around STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  President Obama created the “Educate to Innovate” initiative in 2009 to encourage U.S. students to excel at math and science.  The President  even hosted the very first White House Science Fair in October, 2010 which featured robots, solar cars and rockets designed by students from across the country.

This year Tutor.com will complete around 1.1 million online tutoring and homework help sessions.  About 75% of those sessions will be in math and science.  Many students tell us that Tutor.com is the #1 reason they are sticking out challenging math and science courses, getting better grades and building their confidence.  Here’s what students and parents  (completely unedited)  in the past few months had to say about getting on-demand help from one of our expert math and science tutors.   And at least one student reports that algebra IS now their most favorite class!

“I found this program to very useful!! I don’t normally get stuck like I did in math and when I do I find it very hard to find someone or something that is able to put it in a way that I understand. I will most deffently be using this site more often and for other subjects”

“I use Tutor.com a lot for my math assignments, and my grades have boosted a lot. The tutors are extremely friendly and helpful(:”

“As an adult student coming back to school, this service is unbelievably helpful for me, especially with math. Thank you for providing this great service to your public. Very grateful!”

“I am so glad that I logged on to this to help my daughter with math homework.  We were banging our heads and not getting anywhere.  This thing is so great.”

“thank you so much.  i came on here with a problem from a study guide in algebra an i am now confident in passing my VERY BIG math test.   thanks again.    patric was a great tutor”

“algebra has now become my favorite subject and i have an a in my algebra class because of this great service!!!”

Are you using Tutor.com for help with math and science?  We’d love to hear your story.  Contact Jennifer Kohn at jkohn@tutor.com.

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