Biology and Chemistry Tutor of the Month: Stein E.

Meet Stein! Each month our team of mentors nominates a “ Tutor of the Month.” Meet Stein E. from Macon, GA. Stein is a graduate of Georgia Tech and has been an online biology and chemistry tutor since October 2010.  He heard about through a friend of his who is also a tutor. We asked Stein some questions about his experience with

What is the most rewarding part of tutoring?

The most rewarding part about tutoring is the moment when everything you are going over “clicks” for the student and they get really excited about learning.

What interests do you have outside of

Recently, I have been experimenting in the kitchen in order to improve my cooking skills. I also enjoy brushing up on useless pop culture trivia, listening to podcasts such as Freakonomics Radio, as well as watching documentaries and reading books that describe different viewpoints to various topics.

Any big events or activities coming up?

I’m currently applying to dental schools and have been planning on backpacking in South America this spring.

What Students Say About Online Tutoring with Stein

But you don’t have to take our word about what a great tutor Stein is; read what the students have to say about him! These are actual, unedited quotes from students after having a session with this Tutor of the Month.

  • Stein E. was a fantastic tutor!! He was super patient throughout the process and explained every step clearly so that I would not skip over it without fully understanding it. He was really good at explaining, too, so I wouldn’t not understand a part of a concept. Thank you so much for your help this evening, Stein E.!
  • at first i didnt get anything that we were talking about but now that my tutor drew everything out i totally get what we are talking about! 😀
  • I love this program and the tutors i dont think i could live without it. 😀
  • Stein, you are my hero.
  • My tutor was EXCELLENT!!! 🙂 I learned alot & he was super quick. i liked it! thanks!

We look forward to hearing more about Stein’s travels and reading great comments from students. Interested in becoming a tutor? Apply now!



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