What should the newbie expect at ALA Midwinter?

Sitting in my sunny San Diego hotel room awaiting the beginning of my very first ALA MW conference, I have a lot of thoughts and questions running through my mind. I really do not know what to expect for this weekend!

I have been to other conventions, conferences, festivals and tradeshows for various industries, but never to a library event such as this and never before as an exhibitor (well unless you count my experience as a film festival volunteer). Besides being very excited to be out in beautiful and warm So-Cal city for a few days (and consequently out of cold, cold New York City), here are 5 things are I am very excited about for my first ALA:

  1. Meeting up with my clients – forget email and phones, there is nothing like an in-person meeting. It will be really great to put a face with a name and library!
  2. Seeing my remote co-workers – Since I started back in August, I have had the pleasure of talking with my awesome offsite co-workers almost every day, but I have yet to meet/see/interact with them in person. Can’t wait for Tom, Susan, and Sandi to arrive!
  3. Attending sessions – As always, our friends at YALSA have put together a great agenda of events.  I would love suggestions as well!  As a lit and film scholar and enthusiast, I totally relish the chance to hear what library professionals have to say about my favorite subjects.
  4. Sharing our brand new features – We have so many new and exciting enhancements that I can’t wait to share with our current clients and newcomers: Mobile app, student lockers, favorite tutors, and much more.
  5. Meeting new people – Whether it’s hanging out with some Mango Languages staff “talking shop” or introducing new people to Tutor.com in the convention center, I love to hear other people’s stories. So far the people of San Diego have been friendly, charming, and helpful and I can’t wait to meet many more as ALA gets underway.

Please help me!  I could really use an ALA tour guide. Pass along some tips about what I should expect or do as a newbie at the conference. Also, be sure to come say hi and chat with us at booth 904!

ALA Midwinter This post is from Lauren Lobdell, Tutor.com’s newest Client Services Manager. Help Lauren out by leaving your tips in the comments section, or tweet us @tutordotcom



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