What’s Your Holiday Decorating Style?

Everyone’s got a different holiday decorating style. What’s yours?

The More, The Merrier. No one would ever consider you “restrained.” If it has tinsel, a poinsettia, a snowflake or lights up, it’s being thrown into the mix. Bonus points if it sings! You spend the summer months waiting to free your themed holiday plates from its cupboard prison. You’ve never met an ornament, bow or light-up dreidel that you didn’t like.

Reluctant Reveler. Oh, is it December again? It’s time to dust off the plastic mini-tree that may or may not have still been sitting on your desk from last year. If you have time, you may throw a wreath on your dorm door, or remember to plug in your menorah. It’s not that you don’t love the holidays, it’s just that decorating isn’t really your thing. A little holiday spirit can go a long way with you.

Ornamental Zen. You are the very picture of restraint. You have a color scheme (maybe an all-white or monochromatic this year?), all of your candles are the same size and color and tastefully displayed in the windows.  You’ve selected your decorations with care, and anything that doesn’t have a place goes back in the neatly organized storage box. If “The Merrier” had an arch nemesis, it would be it. Luckily, you can placate them by re-gifting the reindeer sweater you would never wear.

The Grinch. Bah Humbug! What’s the point of putting out all that stuff if you just have to put it away in January? You enjoy the holidays most when it’s just about getting together (and maybe a gift exchanged or two.) But, just because you don’t like decorating doesn’t mean you don’t love the holidays. You just don’t feel the need to change your décor to fit the seasons.

What decorating style best describes you? Did we miss one?

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