How to Take a Multiple Choice Test

When your teacher hands out your next multiple choice test loaded with questions that are as bewildering as the answers–sit back, take a deep breath and try these test-taking tips.  Just in time for finals!

multiple choice test

  1. Listen Up

    You might feel anxious and distracted when the test starts, but read the directions carefully and listen to the instructions your teacher gives you. He or she might have important tips—like how you can score bonus points or what will happen if you leave a question blank. Don’t forget those #2 pencils!

  2. Start With the Easy Stuff

    Answer the easy questions first. It’ll boost your confidence and leave you more time to focus on the difficult questions. Also, sometimes you’ll find clues to answering harder questions in the easier ones. So skim through the entire test first, answering the questions you know and marking the ones you don’t so you can find them later.

  3. Eliminate and Move On

    Eliminate answers that you know are wrong. If you’ve eliminated all the answers you can, and you still don’t know the right answer, guess. Who knows, you might guess right. Besides, leaving a question blank usually counts as wrong anyway. So what do you have to lose? Just don’t get bogged down on any one question for too long.

  4. Trust Yourself

    Usually, your first guess is the right one. So don’t change your answer unless you know for sure you made a mistake or if you found the correct answer in another question somewhere else in the test.

  5. Check It Out

    When you’ve finished the test, don’t pack up your bags and celebrate yet. Pat yourself on the back and then read through the entire test again. Make sure you haven’t accidentally left any question blank. Take your time….you don’t get points for finishing early.

What’s your advice for taking a multiple-choice test?

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