Getting Caught in the Act (Of Doing Good)

Caught in the Act

After a long day, I was in the home stretch of the bath, book, bed routine with my three young sons.   All that stood between me and a silent house was a last-minute drink of water that my five year old assured me was just the thing to help him fall asleep.  Rummaging in the kitchen for an acceptable glass (aka one with superheroes), I noticed the blinking light on the telephone.  In our house, that blinking light is sometimes forgotten or missed for a day or two amidst the chaos of two working parents who rely on email and mobile phones for almost all our communication.  I hit the button and ran back to filling up the water glass expecting to hear a backlog of messages.

It was my son’s kindergarten teacher.  I almost dropped the glass on the floor.  This had to be bad.  But it wasn’t.  She called to tell us what a fantastic job he was doing in kindergarten – finishing his projects, listening well and really engaged in the classroom. For his efforts he was one of three children that received a special sticker at school.   Exhale.

Getting the Message

I took the water and the phone upstairs for my son to hear.  My son beamed from ear to ear while listening to the message.   He may have been more proud of himself than I was.  It was great to be caught in the act … of doing something good.

With all the negative talk about our education system, our teachers, our curriculum, our parenting and our students,  it’s nice to remember that there are great teachers.  Teachers who pick up the phone, answer their email, post their weekly curriculum and engage children in their classroom.  My family and my son are lucky to have such a teacher and such a school. And I hope I can write a post like this throughout my son’s education.

So for American Education Week, we want to hear stories about how you caught an educator, a student or a parent in the act of doing something good. Share in the comments!

This post is from Jennifer Kohn, Vice President Corporate Communications. Ms. Kohn is also the proud mom of three young boys who are all either attending or will be attending public schools.

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