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It’s Hawaii week here at Tutor.com! We’ve been traveling all over Hawaii, telling students and families all about free tutoring available for military families.

hawaiiYou may already associate Hawaii with hula dancing, volcanoes, gorgeous beaches and pineapples, but have you thought about Hawaii’s long career as an actor? Hawaii works hard, but is frequently uncredited. We asked Lauren Lobdell, Tutor.com’s newest Client Services manager and resident film buff to give us her favorite Hawaiian screen-time moments.

Top 5 Favorite Hawaiian Film and TV Moments

1.  Lost (2004-2010): This is one of the best pilots ever! Having watched that first episode, I quickly introduced it to all my friends and family. Before long, I always had an addicted group of fanatics salivating over every moment of the 6-season island mystery along with me. Hawaii played the show’s most important character – the remote South Pacific island nobody could find.

2.  From Here to Eternity (1953): One of my favorite old movies owes its place in history to Hawaii. It tells the story of three personally-conflicted military personnel living on a Hawaiian installation during World War II. Notably, the film won an Academy Award for Best Picture that year, as did legendary singer, Frank Sinatra for his acting performance.

3.  Jurassic Park (1993): I remember the thrill of hearing John William’s musical score for the first time as the helicopter carrying paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant to the supposedly Costa Rican island of dinosaurs swelled up in the background. In fact, it was Hawaii’s island of Kauai once again filling in.

4.  Lilo and Stitch: Disney + animation + Hawaii = a fantastic modern addition to the already fabulous repertoire of Disney animated classics. Enough said.

5.  Raiders of the lost Ark: Arguably one of the greatest cinematic characters of all time, Indiana Jones himself, was first introduced in an opening shot that assumes the identity of a South American jungle. Again, all exterior shots in the scene were provided courtesy of Hawaii.


1.  Hawaii 5-0: While it hasn’t been a big deal in my life, this show was a big moment in Hawaii’s grand acting career and has manifested a new reboot series currently set and filmed on location in Hawaii. Jury is still out on the new version for me, (though I liked the pilot), but it has kept Hawaii’s film crews working after the end of Lost last spring. That I really like!

For info on more Hawaii in film and TV check out the Hawaii Film Office website.

What are your favorite Hawaii roles?

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