Chemistry stories from our students

National Chemistry WeekIt’s National Chemistry Week! When you think about chemistry class, do you think of doing cool experiments, getting to play with expensive lab equipment and the joy of balancing an equation? Or do you conjure up thoughts of heavy textbooks, hours of studying and sheer frustration?

You don’t have to be a chemistry geek, but you do have to get your homework done. Here are some recent comments from students who had a session with our chemistry tutors.

  • My tutor was awesome…Best one so far. She really made sure I understood everything before moving on and if I didnt she clearly explained it in a way that made perfect sense! – College student, Navarro College
  • Chris G was an excellent tutor who not only helped me work through the problems, but also double checked my work and made sure that I understood certain concepts and steps before moving on. This is a great service. Thanks a lot. – 12th grade student, County of Los Angeles Public Library
  • I love this website, it’s the most helpful thing. Whether I’m just checking over my work or trying to get something really complicated done, I recommend this website. I’ve been using it for years now and I don’t plan on stopping soon. In other words, the tutors here are awesome! – 10th grade student, Houston Public Library
  • I really enjoy using this website. I am taking some very difficult classes at my high school, so only few people can help me with most problems, and I can only ask my teacher so many questions. Each tutor that I have had has been very helpful to me and I have learned a lot. The tutors are very patient and go through difficult problems very slowly for me. We have very limited class time at school, so my teacher has to zip through problems, so I grateful to have somebody thouroughly explain material for me…However, I think that the teachers on this website are excellant, and I am very grateful for this resource. I have definitely learned a lot from this website. – 11th grade student, Alabama Public Library Service
  • thank you so so much tutor for helping me =]! these ap chem problems can get very difficult and i dont stress over them anymore bc these tutors always help me and give me confidence in my work..i cant wait to major in biochemistry next yr bc chem is so much clearer to me now thanks to this!! =] thanks so much again! =] love thisss tutoring program guys! – 12th grade student, Nassau Library System
  • This website is so awesome and helpful. I could not survive without it–my grades couldn’t either!!  – 10th grade student, Houston Public Library
  • Things move so fast in AP Chemistry that sometimes you don’t understand what is going on.  It’s nice to be able to go online and have things explained to you one on one.  You then have the time you need to understand what is going on.  This is the first time I have used this and I have a feeling that I will be using it often. – 11th grader, Suffolk Public Libraries

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