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Garrett Hoppin and his mom Sue at the National Military Spouse Network launch event.

As a military kid, I really appreciate that the DoD has made available to military families for free.  If you asked me why, I’d lay out these Top 5 reasons to use

1. is available 24/7

No one likes to admit that they’re a procrastinator, but in reality, we’re all guilty of it in our own way. Me? I have it down to an art.  I’m guilty of starting a lot of things the night before they’re due.   Unfortunately, that means my last minute studying usually lasts late into the night when my parents are already asleep and not that interested in helping me. A bonus about being available 24/7?  As late as it may be, a tutor is always there to help me, even at 2am.

2. is easy to use

If I can use it, anyone can use it. Better yet, if my own mom can use it, anyone can use it.  My mom first told me about late one night when I was working on a chemistry problem that was (of course) due the following day.  Since it was already 11:30, I wasn’t too open to her suggestion and continued to battle with my homework by myself. After ten more minutes of watching me struggle, she sat me down in front of the computer.  Within minutes of signing on to I was “talking” to my tutor about the problem and was done with my homework not too soon afterward. I made the mistake of thinking that would be difficult to work with, but in the end, I realized that my mom was right; it really is that simple to use.

3. Lots of tools available

From the virtual whiteboard to the file upload, there are many features available to use during a tutoring session. Not only can you send your homework as a file to your tutor, but they can then help you work out each problem step by step the way a teacher would with a blackboard. Personally, I really like the buttons that allow you to let your tutor know if you understand what they are saying or not. The second that I’m confused, I make sure to let them know so that they can re-explain the problem. And bonus – as many times as I say I am confused, they never get impatient.

4. There’s always an expert

The person on the other end of the “computer” is someone who is a subject expert. has strict standards for who can be a tutor, and they have to pass exams in their subject. They know what they’re talking about.

5. Comes in handy when parents are deployed (or otherwise unavailable)

My dad helps me out with all of my science and math homework, so when my resident expert was deployed, I was incredibly worried about having to deal with Physics and AP Chemistry at the same time without any help.  Mom has her strengths, but science is not one of them!  Once I started using though, I figured out that my dad is not the only person who knows how to balance an equation or find the equation of a parabola. Even now when he’s home, I still use it; because I can only listen to my dad’s voice for so long.

There you have it, some reasons why will come in handy over the course of this school year.  Hope you have a great year!

Garrett Hoppin is a high school senior in Northern Virginia. As an Air Force brat he has lived in places from Japan to Kansas to Germany. When he isn’t writing, he loves volunteering, rowing, and helping lead his school’s Model United Nations club.


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