Four Ways to Celebrate Banned Books Week

banned books week

It’s Banned Books Week. During this annual event, the American Libraries Association encourages people to celebrate the freedom to read while drawing attention to the harms of censorship by spotlighting actual or attempted banning or removal of books from libraries across the country.

The team has previously shared some of our favorite banned books, and this year we are offering some ways to acknowledge and support this important week.

Ideas to Celebrate Banned Books Week

  1. Buy Banned Books. Share the love! You can read these books yourself and then donate to a group or charity (children’s hospital, your local public or school library.)
  2. Start a ‘Banned Book’ Club. Some of the most successful book clubs have a theme that help keep everyone on track. Instead of reading Oprah’s latest pick, each member of your club can select a book from the frequently challenged or banned list.
  3. Movie Marathon. There have been some great movies based off and inspired by banned books. Grab some popcorn and check out a classic. We recommend To Kill A Mockingbird, but Harry Potter would also qualify!
  4. Imagine “What if.” In this writing exercise, try to see if you can imagine what the plots of some famous novels would be, if the objectionable parts were removed. What shape would The Bermudez Triangle take, and what Brave New World would Bernard inhabit?

The ALA publishes a list of frequently challenged books. Some are classics, and others are more contemporary. Are some of your favorite books on this list?

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