Why I Work For Tutor.com

Tutor.com is looking for great tutors! We are bringing on 600 tutors in the next few months, and are looking for the college students, professionals and teachers looking for tutoring jobs. We are often asked what the benefits of online tutoring are, and we thought the best people to explain why they love tutoring, are – our tutors!

This is why physics and calculus tutor David A. works for Tutor.com. David is a Professor Emeritus of Physics. :

There are three main reasons why I work for Tutor.com.  The first is that I wish to continue growing professionally.  There is no better way to keep abreast of basic concepts in one’s field than by teaching.

What’s more, I feel that I am learning more about determining individual student needs through one-on-one tutoring online than I did in years of classroom work.  While I am  familiar with the concepts and techniques needed to help students with their questions, I frequently get questions which require further thought or study.  This helps me feel that I’m on the cutting edge.

The second reason is that I appreciate a little added income each month.  While salaries paid hourly for tutoring are lower than one might receive for teaching in the classroom or for private tutoring, there are compensating advantages.  For example, you tutor from your own home and computer on your own hours.  There are thousands of students eagerly awaiting your help. And the income from tutoring makes me more comfortable with discretionary expenses related to my hobbies or home repair.

The final reason is that it’s fun. My career was based upon the fact that it’s enjoyable to help others to understand basic concepts of nature.  When students understand a concept that has been fuzzy before, there is usually spontaneous joy.  The gratitude often overflows in the tutor.com online classroom chat space.  It proves once again that learning is fun.”

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