Tutor.com is a Great Additional Job for Teachers

Tutor.com is looking for great tutors! We are bringing on 600 tutors in the next few months, and are looking for the college students, professionals and teachers looking for tutoring jobs. We are often asked what the benefits of online tutoring are, and we thought the best people to explain why they love tutoring, are – our tutors!

This is why Dan thinks Tutor.com is a great job for teachers:

I love coming home after a long day with 30 students in my school classroom and signing into Tutor.com! While that may sound like an odd statement to most people, I’m certain fellow teachers might understand. At least for me, the reason I became a teacher was to help children learn. I know I help children learn in my classroom, but I also know for some students I move too fast or too slow. I know for some students the material is too easy or too hard. I work diligently to adjust, but with 30 students I struggle to help everyone equally everyday.

However, when I’m in the Tutor.com classroom, I can focus on one student at a time. I can move faster or slower depending on that one student. The student has my undivided attention. I don’t have to worry about the students on the other side of the room, the principal walking in or a fire alarm going off. It is just me and the student, typing and whiteboarding towards understanding. The student has my attention, I have the student’s attention and I’m helping someone learn.

Dan tutors Essay Writing, Elementary and Mid-level Math and Geometry.

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