Removing the Cobwebs of Summer Vacation

We are so happy to share this story from Pamela McBride. Pamela and her military family have free access to through our for Military Families program. Please visit our website for more information about how your family can access

In my day, I was pretty much a math whiz and still pride myself on those skills today.  But, when my 17-year-old, high school, distinguished honor student in his senior year, was having problems with his summer AP Calculus packet that was due on the first day of school, there wasn’t a darn thing I could do to help solve any parts of the problems on the page…except let my mom instincts kick in and find him someone who could.

I said, “Let’s log on to”  And after a series of protests, like “They won’t be able to help with these kind of problems; They might not be ‘real’ teachers; and Nah, I don’t feel like it, I’ll do it later,” I did what any all-knowing mom would do.  I countered with:  They are all qualified teachers, professors, graduate students, etc.; they have experts in every academic topic from kindergarten to twelfth grade and even help college students; and it’s available whenever you need help 24/7. Now move over so I can get you a password.”

Reluctantly he got out of my way, and in less than a minute, we were logged on.

Skeptical, yet curious, he sat down at the chair and began communicating with the tutor. Before I knew it he was writing the problem on the interactive whiteboard and the tutor was asking him questions to assess where to start.  Within minutes they were chatting like old friends, solved the first problem and went on to the next.

I discreetly backed out of the room and let them handle their business while I went on to handle mine.  On my face was a big ‘ole smile, in my heart was the pride of helping my ‘baby,’ and in my head was a little voice saying: whew, thank God for

And now, when he gets together with his AP study group and they get stuck, he signs on and connects to a tutor to help them with the work.

Kudos to for helping moms across the world remain academically confident in the fact that we don’t have to have all the answers, we just need to know where to find help with them!  And is that place.

Pamela McBride is a proud mom, military wife,  career & life coach, author, and freelance writer.  Connect with her at The Work – Life Diva blog (, on Twitter (@PamelaMMcBride), on Facebook fan pages (Work It, Girl and WorkingItMilitaryLifeStyle) or at


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