Top Five Highlights from the MCEC Annual Conference

Last week’s Military Child Education Coalition Annual Conference left me feeling excited about all the ways there are to support military


Bart Epstein Presenting at the MCEC Expo

children and military families. During the three days, my colleague Bart Epstein and I got to hear about helpful initiatives, programs and resources for military children while we manned our booth.

These are the highlights:

1. National PTA has a major initiative to support military families.

2. Alma Powell misses life in the military. She keeps up by reading and by supporting the needs of military children through America’s Promise.

3. CafeMom has an online community of military moms looking for conversation, advice and support at

4. The MCEC’s Student2Student Program provides support for transitioning military students one student to another.

5. Bart bravely sampled dried seaweed wafers brought from Daegu, Korea, and liked them. No photos of the tasting are available for the public.

I’m also very excited about our new partnership with MCEC that will help military children achieve college and work place readiness. Throughout the school year, we’ll be working together to reach students to let them know about our for U.S. Military Families program.

Kara Froman is a Senior Account Executive and main Point of Contact for the for U.S. Military Families program. She has presented at conferences and events including ALA Military Librarian Workshop and Navy Certified Ombudsman Trainers Symposium.

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