Stories from the Military Child Annual Conference

We had such a great time at the MCEC Annual Conference last week. We got to hear both Alma Powell and Dr. Jill Biden speak, and met SLOs, military parents, learned a lot, and got to spread the word about for Military Families.

Here are some of the great stories and accompanying pictures that stuck out for us this conference.

Military Child Education Conference

Bart Epstein and Ruth R. at MCEC

Ruth R., a Regional Navy SLO told us that  “A student said to me, ‘it’s a magical website!'”

Military Child Education Conference

Kara Froman and Jennifer Q. at the booth

Jennifer Q., a parent from Fort Irwin told us that “ saved my daughter” and “ is the best thing ever created!

Military Child Education Conference

Kara Froman and Judy C.

The NS Mayport SLO Judy C. is an expert at telling families about She says ““I remind parents that is a great resource during exam times – whether 9 weeks exams, final exams, or even AP or IB exams. Tell them to call me, and I’ll walk them through it!”

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