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After years of uniformed service, transitioning to a civilian career can be daunting.  Employers appreciate the integrity and experience that veterans bring to the table, but everything works differently in the civilian world, from writing your resume to landing a job interview.

There’s even a new vocabulary to master—”positions” instead of MOCs, “salary” instead of base pay, and “vacation” instead of leave.

Fortunately, you’re not alone.’s Career Specialists are available 24/7 to help you through your transition.  They can proofread your resume, brainstorm ideas for a cover letter, or find local job opportunities near you, all in our easy-to-use online classroom.

With for Military Families, eligible service members can work with a Career Specialist anytime.  (We also have free online tutoring for military dependents.)  For instructions to create your military account, just visit and choose your service branch.

Even if your transition is years away, it pays to start your job search now.  Not only will you have access to tools like for Military Families while you’re still active-duty, you may also find your new career before your current term of duty ends—allowing you to pay for relocation to your new job with your military move.  That can save your family money and give you a leg up on civilian applicants, who may require moving expenses from prospective employers.

No matter where your transition takes you, for Military Families can help you get there.  Sign up for a free military account today, or contact us at if you have more questions.


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