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We recently spoke to Britney Bell from Spiro Public Library in Spiro, Oklahoma about her experiences with Through our conversation, we learned that she had used for her own college courses as well. Here’s what she had to say:

My name is Britney Bell and I am the Assistant / Children’s Librarian at the Spiro Public Library in Spiro, Oklahoma. Spiro is a small rural town in southeast Oklahoma with many of its residents living below the poverty level. Many adults in our area never received a high school education and as a result struggle to give their children adequate help with homework or school projects.

We, at the Spiro Public Library, have done our best to help these children either by assisting them ourselves, or by making sure our library is stocked with the proper materials needed to help them better understand these subjects. Some children still have a problem understanding and need more assistance. has been a great asset to our library and our community. Our library works with the school to make sure that the students and parents know that we offer homework assistance through the website. We have had many students and parents tell us what a difference the service has made in the student’s grades. There is even a high school student that was so amazed by the service that he has done a demonstration for his classmates.

Last year I decided to take a few web classes from a local college. Math has always been my weak subject and I was quickly reminded how much I had forgotten over the years. I was beginning to struggle a little because of the simple things that I had forgotten. One day it occurred to me that I had told countless individuals about the service and they could probably assist me as well. I was connected with a tutor and we discussed the areas I was having problems in. The tutor quickly refreshed my memory and I was able to get back on track with my math class. I now tell the kids and parents about my personal experience with I believe this makes some of the kids feel better about themselves knowing that even adults need a little help sometimes.

Thanks for sharing Britney and we’re always happy to help!


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