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Librarians can get help from too!

We recently spoke to Britney Bell from Spiro Public Library in Spiro, Oklahoma about her experiences with Through our conversation, we learned that she had used for her own college courses as well. Here’s what she had to say: My name is Britney Bell and I am the Assistant / Children’s Librarian at […]

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Top Five Highlights from the MCEC Annual Conference

Last week’s Military Child Education Coalition Annual Conference left me feeling excited about all the ways there are to support military children and military families. During the three days, my colleague Bart Epstein and I got to hear about helpful initiatives, programs and resources for military children while we manned our booth. These are […]

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How We Think About Gravity

Does Gravity Exist? Our Physics Tutors Weigh In. There are certain truths that dictate the way we view the world. The earth is round.  It rotates around the sun.   The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening.  Gravity keeps us firmly on the ground.   Or does it? Last week the New York […]

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