Poets House Bridge Walk

Poets House held its annual Brooklyn Bridge Poetry Walk (and fundraiser) on Monday.  Lots of fun and a huge success, with over 300 people walking across the bridge, with poetry readings at the start, in the middle of the bridge, and at Fulton Landing in Brooklyn at the end, followed by a dinner at Bubby’s in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn.

Great press coverage of the Bridge Walk, including in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and in the current New Yorker magazine about Poets House’s new home on the Hudson River.  Tutor.com is a modest corporate sponsor, joining the likes of American Express and Berkshire Capital Securities, and I have helped along the way since joining the Board of Directors over a year ago.

I was joined on the walk by my daughter (an excellent writer), Tutor.com’s Julie Weintraub, and some friends from the Brooklyn Public Library.  Here are a couple of pictures from the walk and the dinner, which included readings by Galway Kinnell, Tina Chang, and Bill Murray (here’s a great link to a youtube video of Bill Murray reading poetry to construction workers as they were finishing the building of Poets House new home).

So many people worked so hard to pull of this great event, but the big standing ovation goes to Lee Briccetti, the tireless leader and Executive Director of Poets House.  Awesome job, Lee!  And wonderful how she planned for the sun to break through the overcast skies just as we stopped for readings on the bridge by Tom Lutz and Tina Chang, followed by the deep colors of a sunset at Fulton Landing behind Galway Kinnell’s reading of Whitman’s “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry“.  Very nicely done.

Poets House is the largest library of original poetry works, with over 50,000 volumes, and is a beautiful place to browse, read and relax, and bring your family or a small school group.   We’ll be doing another walk next June, and welcome your participation and support. 

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