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Free resources from Tutor.comFinding a new job can be tricky, whether you’re looking for a part-time gig between semesters or the next step in your career.  And in a tough economy, it can be twice as hard.  Fortunately,’s SkillsCenter has hundreds of resources to help you with every step in your job search, including:

  • exploring new career paths
  • putting together your resume
  • writing a cover letter
  • finding job listings near you
  • preparing for interviews

The SkillsCenter is built into our Learning Suite, so you can access this information anytime if your school or local public library has  It’s easy—just log into the Adult Education and Career Center and click any of the categories under “Adult Services.”  You can also search the SkillsCenter for career resources in your city.  We have open job listings for the 40 largest metro areas in the U.S. and Canada, which makes it easy to narrow your search:

Once you’ve found a career opportunity near you, you can also download sample resumes, resume templates, and writing guidelines to draft a cover letter, or interview tips to help you help you ace your first meeting with your future boss.

If you need more coaching (or some pointers and advice), our Career Help Specialists are available and ready to help.  They can review your resume or proofread a cover letter to make sure it’s just right before you send it in, or help you find open jobs in your neighborhood.

With a little assistance from, your new career could be a few clicks away.


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