Tutor of the Month: Leah G.

Each month our team of mentors nominates a “Tutor of the Month.” This month’s tutor is Leah G. from Washington. Leah tutors Statistics and Trigonometry. We are happy to share this interview, so you can “meet” her. Check out our additional tutor profiles to learn more about the people who help serve thousands of sessions, every day

What brought you to Tutor.com?  How long have you been here?

I’ve been with tutor.com for about 6 months now. Tutoring had always been a hobby for me throughout high school and college. I had just graduated and moved to a new city, so I decided to give tutoring a try while I decided what I wanted to do with my life. I heard about the website from a friend and took my chances and applied to be a tutor!

What is the most rewarding part of tutoring?

My favorite parts of tutoring are those AHA! lightbulb moments. When a student enters a session feeling defeated by a problem, I like to turn it around so the student sees it is simpler than they thought and they can solve it too! I find it very rewarding to know that each day I can help several students that I’ve never even met feel more capable and confident in their abilities.

What interests do you have outside of Tutor.com?

Outside of tutor.com, I work in retail sales and tutor in person. In my spare time I love to play board games and I enjoy a good science fiction book every so often.

Any big events or activities coming up?

This summer I’m going on a roadtrip to California and then spending the summer there teaching for Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth for my second year. I’m also planning on beginning a Master’s in Teaching program in the near future, which I’m very excited about. My time with tutor.com has definitely been instrumental to making the decision to go back to school for my Master’s.


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