Tutor.com Reads: Not A Penny More, Not a Penny Less

Not A Penny MoreWe each take turns writing our blog posts for the book club. This entry was from Neena Gupta, one of our Quality Assurance testers who likes to cook, do yoga and watch movies.

I have not read many books except academics. I joined book club hoping that I will get into a habit of reading. When it was my turn to pick the book, I was looking all over the internet to find a good one. So after couple of hours I found this book “Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less” by Jeffrey Archer. I thought it will be somewhat relevant to today’s stock market scams too.

I really enjoyed reading it and most of the book club members liked it too. Story moves around Harvey Metcalf, who successfully swindles four unfortunate men out of one million dollar and how these four men team up to take revenge and get their money back, “not a penny more not a penny less.”

While discussing this book, we felt the story was pretty much one-sided as we were expecting some twists in the story. Other things in the discussion were about today’s financial breakdowns and insider trading.

For me, it was a really enjoyable read, it was good to know about the old times.

Now I am excited about the next month’s book club book, Linda Holeman’s The Linnet Bird.


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