Tutor.com Helps Kids with Math

In honor of April being both Mathematics Awareness Month and Month of the Military Child, we’d like to share with you some quotes from students using our free military program who have received help from our expert math tutors.


  • I think April was very good i will be back every day and this was helping me alot this is better than Video Games! – 9th grader, U.S. Army Family
  • I like having this because, if your parent or older sibling is busy or away, you are able to use this. I also like how it is cool…! – 6th grader, U.S. Navy Family
  • I love that this service is offered to military children! It helps so much and I really appreciate it. It helps to know that if I get stuck I can just log on here and get help, as opposed to waiting in line to talk to a teacher who kind of skims through it. The tutors make sure you really know the material and understand how to get the answer – 10th grader, U.S. Army Family
  • Thanks so much for this service. My dad usually helps me with math and because he is gone I was a little lost. Thanks again. – 7th grader, U.S. Air Force Family
  • This program really hekps me get my schoolwork done. I really enjoy all the support from the tutors. Thank you so much! – 6th grader, U.S. Marine Corps Family
  • I love this place! it makes everything so easy on here.Last time i was here i learned how to add and subtract mixed numbers,then on Wednesday when i took my math test i got 99%that is really going to bring my grades up.Again i really love this place! 5th grader, U.S. Army Family
  • This program is awesome.  It think it’s great the AF has offered this to its family members.  We’ve used the program twice and the tutors we’ve had have been awesome!!  Thanks so much!!! – 4th grader, U.S. Air Force Family
  • It was the first time I used this and let me tell you it will not be the last. I can now get homework help from home and not get out of the flow or feel awkward with a tutor. i thank whoever started and initiated this program. – 12th grader, U.S. Army Family


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