Teen Tech Week ’10 Webinar

Tutor.com was happy to celebrate Teen Tech Week by hosting a webinar for youth and teen libraries called “DoSomething with Social Media.” We invited DoSomething‘s CTO George Weiner to speak about DoSomething’s  experiences reaching teens online and inspiring them to take off-line action.

George urged libraries to focus their efforts on finding the teen influences in their community and engaging them to help create the content and upkeep required for their social media efforts. He suggested that unless your library patrons say otherwise, to focus the bulk of the social media outreach to Facebook fan pages, MySpace and Twitter. He also offered suggestions on text messaging.

Some of the tools that George suggested that you can check out are Twitterfeed, ping.fm, Tweetdeck, Photosynth and Textmarks, for mobile campaigns.

Erica Manney, Marketing Manager at Tutor.com also shared some examples of libraries that have already implemented some great social media tools, and offered suggestions on how libraries can use these for their own outreach efforts.

Here’s the websites Erica shared:

Palm Beach County Library: great use of photos, interactive comments and sharing of the upcoming events
Rapid City Public Library
: effective use of “chicklets,”  links to RSS feeds and a rotating banner
Indianapolis Marion County Public Library
: the teen area looks different from the rest of the library website and includes cool features such as user-submitted books reviews and a glimpse of their Facebook page
Enoch Pratt Free Library
features a great, frequently updated blog, upfront visuals, clearly defined sections, and polls that can help the library make future social media decisions
Worthington Libraries
was featured because of their integration of podcasts and music, polls and their unique blogging voice
Arlington Libraries showcased a great use of YouTube, Facebook integration and engaging links to popular YA-author blogs

For more resources, you can visit Do Something’s page on Social Action Training or check out some of the great guides and suggestions on the YALSA website.

Missed the event? You can watch the recorded webinar. If you attended and have feedback, or just have more questions about how to use social media to connect with teens in your area, please leave a comment!


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