Tutor of the Month: Monica L.

Each month our team of mentors nominates a “Tutor of the Month.” This month’s tutor is Monica L.  from Virginia.  Monica tutors chemistry and statistics.  We are happy to share this interview, so you can “meet” her. Check out our additional tutor profiles to learn more about the people who help serve thousands of sessions, every day

What brought you to Tutor.com?  How long have you been here?

I found out about Tutor.com through a web search. It seemed like the perfect opportunity, since I was a full-time college student in need of a flexible part-time job. I have been with Tutor.com for about four months now.

What is the most rewarding part of tutoring?

Those times when I find a simple, elegant approach to a problem a student’s been stuck on for hours. The student’s feelings of relief and gratitude just radiate through the Internet connection and can really make my day. Helping other students with statistics also keeps me on top of my game as well!

Do you have any funny or touching Tutor.com stories?

I was helping a student with a statistics problem that involved calculating the expected value of an insurance plan. When we discovered that the expected value was negative for the insurance purchaser, the student had a “lightbulb moment” and realized why insurance companies make so much money. I really like the fact that a lot of the topics I come across in tutoring are easily relatable to real life.

What interests do you have outside of Tutor.com?

I’m an avid experimental chemist; my dream is to one day establish my own laboratory. I also enjoy writing short stories, composing music, and fitness walking.

Any big events or activities coming up?

I’m just about to start another semester of college, and I’m taking my pharmacy technician certification exam soon. Eep!

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