Military Students Speak About

You may have seen the official Department of Defense release,  Deborah Mullen‘s tweet, or the articles on and family bloggers, but hopefully you have heard (and are spreading the word!) about for Military Families.

So, what are the students saying?

  • I love the teachers I have had, and the one I just had. They explain stuff that other teacher dont have time to. They help me answer my questions, and understand them all at the same time. I already told my friends about this site! Im so happy my mom found this for me. 
  • Most useful tool. I sometimes need a “kick start” or a boost in confidence and this was the perfect tool to use. The tutor was very helpful and assisted me in a manner that was easy to understand and get ge where I needed to go. “I’ll Be Back”!!!
  • great tutor!!! this session went by so fast. i got my question done and i dont have to worry about failing history anymore because of this great program and great tutors like Fahad M. he is awesome! Thanks!
  • I am impressed, i think my tutor Jenny R is very good. The service is quick. Thank you very much for the help, it heps a lot; especillay for people who live overseas who don’t have access to direct tutoring.
  • This is quickly becoming my new favorite website! There’s no way I’d understand or pass Algebra II without, thank you so much!!! 
  • you guys are the best…. thanks for serving the troops…. we serve you proud. The tutors are great.
  • it was awesome! she made me understand in 2 minutes what i didn’t in class all year. Thanks

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