Tutor.com Saved Families More Than $100,000 in Gas!

The rising cost of gas is a major concern for American families these days. According to a recent Gallup poll of 1,008 respondents, 42 percent indicated gas prices had reached a crisis level. So, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to spend less time in their car and utilize more online resources. A recent survey of over 2,300 adults surveyed by Harris Interactive for iCongo showed that 33% of respondents cited the high price at the pumps as the reason for shopping online.

One way to save that you may not have thought about is using online tutoring instead of an in-person tutor or learning center. Traditional tutoring involves mom or dad driving to and from appointments. But, if parents switched to online tutoring, where you connect to a live tutor right from home, the savings really add up.

Tutor.com has calculated that by conducting more than 103,000 online tutoring sessions in April, we have freed up 27,635 gallons of gas from being used driving to and from tutoring centers and saved families $102,692.99.*

And, in Texas, where gas reached a record-high $3.507 a gallon, families who opted for our online tutoring service saved over $5,300 in gas expenses. Similar gas price records are happening in Utah and Maryland.

*Savings based on a six-mile round-trip drive costing $3.72 per gallon of gas for a car that averages 22.4 miles per gallon (Sources: The Bureau of Transportation Statistics and Energy Information Administration.)


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