Top 5 Cafeteria Foods for Your Brain

When you hit lunch and check out the cafeteria food to refuel, refuel your brain, too with these brain-boosting foods.

1. Beans.

Chow down on chili, baked beans or refried beans when they’re on the menu. Beans are chock full of amino acids that help produce neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers that carry signals from one brain cell to another. So feed the messenger. Beans also stabilize glucose and blood sugar levels. The brain depends on a steady stream of glucose for fuel, so keep it coming.

2. Tuna Sandwich.

Skip the hotdog and head straight for the tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat bread. Whole wheat is loaded with folate that helps with memory and general brain health. And tuna is loaded with brain boosting Omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of cancer and high blood pressure, and lower cholesterol. Some studies show that they may also boost brain power, helping students perform better at schoolwork.

3. Nuts.

If your stomach’s grumbling through algebra, get a bag of peanuts at the vending machine to hold you over. Nuts are chock full of vitamin E, which is great for memory – something that’ll help you remember that FOIL is more than just something to wrap a sandwich in.

4. Fruit & Yogurt.

Grab a yogurt container and a fruit cup and make yourself a delicious healthy treat. Yogurt is loaded with live culture bacteria called probiotics that literally mean β€œfor life.” And fruit is filled with antioxidants called flavanoids that prevent brain neurons from dying. If you spot blueberries on the lunch cart, grab them because they help your brain deal with stress and improve learning capacity and motor skills.

5. Chocolate.

If your sweet tooth must be indulged, nibble on some dark chocolate. It’s loaded with antioxidants and also has a natural stimulant, which boosts your concentration and focus (something we all need if we want to get through the afternoon). If that’s not enough, chocolate revs up endorphins to put you in a better mood.

What’s your favorite school lunch meal?

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