Tips for Effective Studying

Here is the situation: You have two weeks to study for an exam, and the teacher has handed you this big thick book to study with. And of course, just to make you feel even more intimidated, the book is in really, really small print.


Before the butterflies start dancing in your stomach, take a breath. Use these tips to help you study efficiently.

Skim read.

Don’t get bogged down with details and fine print. Get the big picture and move on. Create a timeline of major events, people or places to help you visualize what the exam might cover.

Time management.

I’ll admit it, I am an e-mail fanatic. However, checking my e-mail several times a day really eats into my study time. Cutting back on Internet habits, computer games, etc., will help you be a more efficient student. Also, getting proper sleep and rest will help you prepare for the exam. You don’t want to wear yourself out right before a major test.

Utilize available study tools.

Go online and look up the important events covered in your study book. Check out your local library for information on any subjects you don’t understand.

Decide on a battle plan.

Have a set goal for each day by making yourself read “X” amount of pages. Don’t wait until the last second to study. Having a battle plan for each day will keep you focused on your work.

You need to relax.

Don’t stress over exams, tests or any other such horrid inventions. Once you’ve studied the best you can, let your worries go.

Lydia Rule is a Next Stepper who has been published in several magazines and online publications. She is currently working on her fifth novel.


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