On Demand Tutoring Works

Targeted, Instant Tutoring makes the Grade for Students and Parents

More and more families than ever before are looking for additional resources and support for their children to help them do better in school, increase their confidence and improve their grades. The increasingly competitive school environment of standardized testing, hours of homework every night and college preparation as early as eighth grade has put many families in a pressure-cooker.

The common cure is to launch an exhausting search to find and screen a tutor or a tutoring center and make a commitment to go for help in one subject, once a week for one hour at a time. This solution has a high price tag—up to $50 or even $100 an hour—and includes the logistics of getting your child to yet another appointment. Then, during the week when your child is struggling while studying for tomorrow’s exam or trying to finish a homework problem, the tutor or tutoring center is not available and your child still falls behind, or receives a poor grade even with the intensive weekly tutoring.

There is a better way to help your child—instant, targeted tutoring. Instant tutoring empowers students and their families, because one-to-one help from a professional tutor in any subject, is available any time of day or night—the moment a student needs it. Tutor.com pioneered this model of on demand help and has been perfecting it for almost a decade. Today, Tutor.com has the largest network of professional tutors online—over 2,000—specializing in math, science, social studies and English. As one senior from a Texas high school reported, “This is like having a teacher living in your house.”

Why Instant Online Tutoring Works

Students don’t fail in a day. They miss a concept in class or don’t understand part of a homework assignment. Next week, when new concepts are introduced that build on the ones they were supposed to learn (especially in math and science courses), they begin to fall behind until they are frustrated and bringing home poor grades. Providing students with access to certified, professional tutors every day solves this problem. The results are increased confidence, handing in more complete assignments and improved grades. Many students report going from C’s and B’s to A’s in their toughest classes.

Recently, Tutor.com worked with a third-party education research firm to study targeted tutoring and see if the services was providing the results parents and students need. Students in 7th – 11th grades were given access to Tutor.com, encouraged to use the service to get help on whatever topics they felt they needed, and tracked over several months. Students who used Tutor.com showed improvement in the topics for which they sought help. The most significant improvements were 12% higher scores on post-tests for geometry concepts.

“Our research showed that students and parents want a service like this because of the convenience of on demand access to tutors, getting homework completed faster, and improved grades and self-confidence,” explained Dale Mann Ph.D., managing director of Interactive Inc. which conducted the study.

The study also found that both parents and students agreed on the following:

  • the tutors were there when they needed them
  • they got their homework done faster
  • they would recommend Tutor.com Direct to friends
  • tutoring provided the help they needed

Online, targeted tutoring could be just the solution your family needs to ease school stress.

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