Make Your Homework as Painless as Possible

Homework can be a pain, but there are some homework habits you can practice to make this daily task fun. Here are a few ways to make homework less painful.

Form a study group

Which would you rather do: Hang out with your friends, or study for a history test? Probably the former…but studying and hanging out don’t need to be mutually exclusive activities. So why not form a study group? Make a date to do homework at a friend’s house a couple times a week. Having someone else in the room with you might help you talk through problems and get a new perspective on things.

Use your ears

If your iPod never leaves your ears, record a chapter you’re studying while reading it aloud. That way you can refresh your memory before a test by listening to it while you’re at the gym or on your way to school.

Work, play, work

On your desk, you probably have tape, a stapler and some pens…and most likely your cell phone. Set the alarm function to ring after 20 minutes, study until the alarm goes off and then take a five or 10 minute break to do something fun. It doesn’t matter what you do—you can go on Instagram, watch part of a Tivo’d Gossip Girl episode or make a snack. Just do something to give your mind a quick break. We promise: you’ll return to your work feeling a little bit refreshed.

The above homework habits won’t turn homework into your favorite task, but will make it more tolerable. Now if you can only find out some way to take the stress out of doing it.


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