How to Study for Finals

With finals season here, we took a few minutes to collect our favorite study tips for getting through the toughest exams of the year.

“Explaining something to someone else is one of the best ways to determine what you have down cold, what you need to take a second look at.” –Jake Ramsey, Marketing Coordinator

“Have a friend make a study sheet for the exam separately, then get together after you both are done and review the topics together. That way you are less likely to miss something” –Lynne Robinson, QA Tester

“SLEEP! No matter how much I tried to cram, I always did a better job retaining what I was cramming with more sleep. All-nighters are the mind killer and caffeine is no substitute for sleep.”

TV off and music on. The important thing is you have to listen to music you already know all the words to, but don’t feel compelled to sing along to. If you listen to a brand new CD, you might be tempted to focus on the new lyrics instead of what you need to study. If you listen to your favorite song, you’re likely to start singing it and break your concentration.”—Abel Martin, Developer

“Read it. Write it. Say it. Going through my notes and pulling out the key points by reading them, re-writing them, then saying them out loud really helped commit them to memory.” –Jill Musguire, Marketing Director

“Put everything to music! See if you can make up new lyrics to your favorite songs that incorporate the formulas you have to memorize, or the outcomes of important Supreme Court cases. Things are a lot easier to memorize with a good beat.” –Erica Manney, Marketing Manager

What do you do to study for finals?

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