How to Improve Communication With Your Teacher

Trigonometry might be a mystery, but the grade you get on your report card should never be a surprise. Here are some tips on how to get along with your teachers, open the lines of communication with them and get the feedback you need to succeed.

  • Introduce yourself. 

    It’s a good idea to introduce yourself to your teacher outside of the classroom at the start of the year, but if you missed that window, no worries. Schedule an appointment with your teacher to just say “hi” or to go over the syllabus—or even just to talk about your favorite sports team. It might sound a little nerdy, but making that extra effort even for a couple of minutes can go a long way to make future conversations easier.

  • Participate!

    No one likes the kid in class who jumps out of their seat to answer every question whether they know answer or not. But, in moderation, participating will help you stand out to the teacher without annoying your classmates. Let your teacher know what kind of progress you’re making in class by raising your hand and participating at least a few times a week when you have something meaningful to say.

  • Ask questions.

    Are you totally stumped by today’s lesson? Let your teacher know. Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher to go over concepts that were confusing to you—it lets them know you care about learning.

  • Use technology.

    Maybe interacting in person isn’t your thing. Put your emailing skills to work! A quick email to your teacher is a great forum for lingering questions from class, inquiries about a grade you received on a test or for clarification on the latest homework assignment. Make sure you keep the writing lol-and internet slang free, though.

What do you think is the best way to get feedback from your teacher?


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