How to Form a Study Group

If you find yourself stressing out while studying for exams and doing your homework alone, you might need a new way to study. Getting your friends and classmates together and forming a study group is a helpful way to prepare for the big test. Study groups provide a smaller venue for you to ask questions that you might not want to ask in front of the whole class. By bouncing around ideas in a group, you’ll help each other pick up the slack on topics you weren’t clear on. So come on, grab your friends, and start studying! Here’s how:

  • Get to know your classmates—you’ll want allies and study partners before the big exam.
  • Five people is about as big as your study group should get. With fewer people, you’re more likely to stay on task.
  • Decide with your study buddies a good day and time to meet, as well as a distraction-free location. Don’t forget to trade names, phone numbers, and email addresses with the members in your group.
  • Determine what you will cover during the session—before meeting—so everyone can come prepared. Make sure you have specific questions ready to review and discuss.
  • Use the group to come up with an outline for essay topics or brainstorm answers for questions that might show up on the exam. This is a great way to trade answers and ideas.
  • For math related topics, try quizzing each other using flashcards and working through sample problems together.
  • To keep everyone focused, limit study sessions to 60 minutes and stick to your study group’s agenda, so everything gets covered.



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