Getting Into College – Think About Hiring Outside Help

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Task: Now that you understand the resources available (or lacking) in your high school’s guidance office, you need to decide if what they offer is enough for you. If it’s not, you might think about hiring an outside college consultant, but ONLY if you’re sure it’d be helpful to you and your family.

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Ask for references from consultants and try to find someone who matches your needs. A consultant should be:

  • An experienced professional, knowledgeable about a variety of schools and the admissions process.
  • Someone with whom you feel comfortable.
  • Someone to hold your hand and guide you, but not do your work.
  • Someone who will provide an honest assessment of who you are and match you to your right schools.


Go to the activity fair, ask your older friends, or visit the Student Life website to see all your options.

If you’re a born scholar, why not find out if your school has a research journal? You’ll get to add a “Publications” section to your résumé and your parents will be proud.

If you’re the literary type, rehearse the proper pronunciation of “Rimbaud,” then go check out the literary magazines.

If you’re interested in medicine, see if there is a pre-med association. Finally, a whole room full of people just as stressed out as you are!

If you love to help others, get in touch with the community service club. Why not have fun with like-minded friends while you’re making a difference?

Useful advice from Hundreds of Heads.

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