Do I Really Need Math?

So your math teacher has superpowers. He or she has the rare ability to turn even the most exciting of subjects into dry intellectual jabber! In fact, you haven’t been this bored since you waited in line at the DMV. If math class is putting you to sleep, there are a few things you can do to put that spark of life back into a traditionally dull subject.

First things first: why is math boring? If you’re reading this, you might think that the first problem is that the subject matter is inherently dull. Pythagorean Theorems? Quadratic equations? Sine…cosine…tangent?

“When are we ever going to need to use this?” is the universal cry of virtually every high school student on the planet. While you may not use all of what you learn in your high school math classes, there are reasons WHY you should learn it. (Your brain will come up with the reasons HOW to learn it.)

  1. Math is the universal language. It is the preferred tongue of aliens, computers and science geeks. Video game programmers speak in math. When angry cyborgs and robots take over the world, you’ll need math skills to communicate. Plus, there’s that cute guy or girl in calc class that you have a secret crush on and you can bond over your math homework.
  2. Money is math. Every career, job and occupation on the planet depends on math. How are you going to know if your paycheck is accurate without math? How are you going to monitor your wealth and finances without math? What you learn in high school is only the tip of the mathematical iceberg. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can before entering the workforce. With math skills, you’ll make much smarter decisions when it comes to the green stuff.
  3. You will need to pass math class to graduate. And to get into college. And to move out of your parents’ house, have a fabulous career, buy your dream car…you get the picture.

Dare to challenge that.

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