Five Million Sessions … and Counting!

FiveMillionSessionsIn’s first ever back-to-school season in 2001, a student connected to a tutor through the Louisville Public Library’s website to get help with an English assignment. Our 97 tutors would go on to provide 1,466 on-demand tutoring and homework sessions through the end of the year, helping students who were using the program through several public libraries including Boston Public Library, San Francisco Public Library and the Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg County.

Today, has more than 1,800 tutors and we conduct about 1,500 online tutoring sessions in two hours every day after-school.  Students of all ages use thanks to more than 1,800 public libraries, schools and corporations as well as the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps that offer services free to the students in their respective communities.  Students connect to a tutor from wherever they have a computer and Internet access.

A lot has changed since those first few months in 2001. We’ve since won lots of awards, brought on thousands of tutors and now, our latest achievement? We’ve conducted our five millionth session. That’s a lot of answered questions about science fair projects and balanced chemical equations. We’ve found the length of side B and the themes in Of Mice and Men quite a few times.

It’s a big number and we are really, really proud of such an accomplishment. If you are wondering how to size-up five million online tutoring sessions go to for our top fun facts and watch our video that shows just where across the United States students have been using

We also want to say “Thank You.” Thank you to all the organizations that have provided this service to their patrons, to the students who have left us wonderful comments that make our days brighter (students told us that “rocks” almost 9,000 times in post session comments), to the librarians and program managers who are always finding new and creative ways to tell their communities about the service and to the thousands of tutors who are helping with all of those “aha!” moments. Thanks, and here’s to the next fifty million!


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