The Games We Play

November 14th was ALA’s National Gaming Day @ your library and it appears to have been a huge success, which isn’t surprising since everyone loves games!

The office isn’t a library (but sometimes looks like one!) and we all work really hard, but we also love to play.

During the winter we usually have a bi-weekly game night in the cafeteria. The board games are always there, but its nice to spend some time relaxing and playing games like Apples to Apples, the Big Idea and Taboo. We have even had a guest GM come in to run a Dungeons & Dragons-style role playing game for us.


CEO George Cigale has a standing Scrabble challenge.

When walking through our office, make sure you don’t bump into the chess set. At any given time, two employees (and some fans) are examining the board to plot their next move.


“When you see a good move, look for a better one”

For six years, no one has been able to beat our reigning fantasy baseball champion, VP of Technology Russ Greenspan. This year, Gary Yip took home the gold. Russ has vowed to regain his glory.

It doesn’t get used too often, but we do have a DDR pad.  Sean McNally (Tutor Support) unseated Abel Martin (Software Developer) as the champion, but both graciously encourage even the klutziest of us to find rhythm. And if they are laughing at us, they hide it well.

Tuesday night means basketball! When the weather is nice out (and even sometimes when its not) a group of dunkers go play under the Brooklyn Bridge to challenge each other or whatever unlucky souls happen to be on the court. Check out our SVP of Corporate Development go for a lay up!

And of course, we should mention our undefeated 2008 kickball team!


Great teamwork pays off!

Do you have any games you like to play with your colleagues?

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