Tutor of the Month: Joanna M.

Joanna M.Each month our team of mentors nominates a “Tutor of the Month.” This month’s tutor is Joanna M.  from California. Joanna tutors algebra, geometry, chemistry and physics.  We are happy to share this interview, so you can “meet” her. Check out our additional tutor profiles to learn more about the people who help serve thousands of sessions, every day.

What brought you to Tutor.com? How long have you been here?
I came to Tutor.com when my son started high school because I needed a way to pay his tuition! I’ve been tutoring with Tutor.com for two years now. Tutor.com has been a Godsend to our family because it enables me to earn extra money without having to totally abandon them.

What is the most rewarding part of tutoring?
I love helping the student break down a “complicated” problem into its simplest terms, then the student says something like “That’s so easy!”

Do you have any funny or touching Tutor.com stories?
One of my favorite comments came in one of my first assessments when the student said I was “wicked smart”.

What interests do you have outside of Tutor.com?

I coach my daughter’s volleyball team and do karate with my 3 kids.  Two of them are brown belts and my son and I are green, almost ready for brown.  Other than that, I like to read romance novels and watch SciFi movies with my hubby.

Any big events or activities coming up?
I wish! Anyone want to send me on a cruise???

Anything else you would like to share?
The school I taught at for the past 18 years closed last year.  The picture is from the rally to save the school. It was very sad. Luckily, I found a new position at the rival school and have a new home.  I’m very happy in my new position, but have picked up a new subject, pre-calculus, which is a huge stretch for me (good thing I like stretching!). I have actually gone online with my public library to get tutoring for it!!!

I truly appreciate the Tutor.com experience.  It has given me a greater appreciation for my students and where they might be in their learning. I have also learned some great teaching strategies from the students I’ve helped and now use in my own classroom.


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