150+ Libraries Broadcast Tutor.com’s Resume Writing Webinar

Happy about  my ResumeLast week Tutor.com hosted our first Resume Writing Webinar. Over 150 libraries and an estimated 1,000 library customers participated from around the country. Special thanks to our resume guru, Barbara Safani who runs Career Solvers. Barbara spent an hour sharing key tips to help all different types of job seekers. Read our press announcement for more information.

Perhaps the best part of the webinar for our staff was reading all of the wonderful comments that came in from the participating librarians. Here’s a few we wanted to share:

“Thanks, so much! I think you should all be giving each other high-fives for this debut webinar event—great job. And by the way, thank you, for all the pre-publicity materials: THAT really helped. We made posters, fliers, and little ½ sheets as well.” – California Librarian
“Today’s resume webinar proved beneficial for our participants. Positive feedback from Berlin patrons was related to the variety of age-related resume samples.” – Maryland Librarian

“The presenter was excellent. I want to re-do my resume. Her tips were concrete and thought-provoking. Everyone of our attendees took notes. We are going to order her book. The attendees seemed very excited about our library having Tutor.com.” – New Jersey Librarian

“This was an awesome program. The economy in our town is extremely depressed and this filled a huge need. I would love to be able to to host additional helpful programs for our patrons. Thanks a million.” – Kansas Librarian

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