National Library Card Sign-up Month

studyingatlibrary.aspxYou know that old adage “You can’t get something for nothing”? It doesn’t apply at your local library—a place where the world (neatly categorized by Dewey’s decimals) is yours for the taking. If you’re not one of the over 200 million Americans who has a library card, this is the month to get one—September is officially Library Card Sign-up Month. Getting a card will get you borrowing privileges on the spot, and in most cases, it’s a card that never expires.

No other card, except maybe your driver’s license, can show you foreign lands, inspire you to dream and let’s not forget those Guinness Book of World’s Records books to marvel at during your downtime. Whether you’re researching a paper, updating your Facebook page, renting a CD/DVD, flipping through a Sports Illustrated or just looking for a place to get some quiet study time, the library is the place where you can do it all.

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