How We Use the Library – September 8, 2009

Advocating for public libraries is an important part of what we do at In these difficult times, libraries have to spend their valuable resources demonstrating the value they bring to their communities.

We want to help you get the word out.  We have been recapping the ways that employees and tutors benefit from our public libraries.

Denise Y., Elementary Math and Science  Tutor
Our local library is small but they have a fabulous collection of materials for discovering family histories.  Last week I came across a Germantown (Philadelphia) newspaper article dated 1746, containing the fairly-common name of one ancestor.  It seems the mother of this eight-year-old boy had many small children and needed help paying for their passage on the ship.  A man on the street paid part of the costs and took the child home with him as a retainer.  Through this article five years later, the mother was now trying to contact the anonymous man.  This single gem of information most likely will never be verified but it is an intriguing piece of everyday life at the time, and yet another place to start digging.  The library is my source for finding family treasures, no matter how colorful.

Evelyn S., Onboarding Manager
After living in my neighborhood for two years, I finally signed up for my library card. I wish I had done this sooner!

Christa S., Social Studies Tutor
I went to the library in Brevard County, FL and checked out 10 DVDs, some newer releases like 27 Dresses, La Vie en Rose, and A Good Year.  I also checked out 9 CDs, which gives me the opportunity to try out new artists or new albums before buying.  It’s so great!  They have rows of DVDs and a row of audio books, and tons of CDs.  I check out books too, but these other things I wouldn’t expect a library to necessarily have, which is why it is so cool.

Erica M., Customer Contact Manager
While I was packing and had my TV disconnected in preparation for my recent, local move, I relied on the library for entertainment. Not only were no books lost during the move, I was able to donate about three boxes of books to my local branch.

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