How We Use the Library – August 7, 2009

Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library

Advocating for public libraries is an important part of what we do at In these difficult times, libraries have to spend their valuable resources demonstrating the value they bring to their communities.  We want to help you get the word out.  We have been recapping the ways that employees and tutors benefit from our public libraries.

Here’s a special “all tutor” edition of how we’ve been using our public libraries:

Lauren B. Algebra, Calculus and Geometry Tutor
I went to the library into air conditioning to read good books on comfy couches for a few hours to avoid 106 degree heat wave since my house has no air conditioning. I saved $300+ on air conditioner and subsequent electricity.

Lynda K. English, Essay Writing and Social Studies Tutor
Today my daughters and I went to the library and each got 2 books and some DVDs to watch. I also received a tote bag and mug for completing the adult summer reading program. We save so much money by using our library, plus it is one of my children’s favorite outings!

Joyce E. Algebra and Mid-Level Math Tutor
If it weren’t for my local library, my 3 year old son would not have access to weekly Storytime with other children, his main exposure since I am at home with him.  At 2 when I started taking him, he was glued to my lap the whole time.  Gradually I got him to sit in front of me, but he still wouldn’t dance with the other kids.  Now after a year, he permits me to sit away from the group while he joins in with the rest of the kids all to himself!  He has learned to sit quietly while the story is being read, and learned to have fun and dance with the other kids when it’s time to.  He makes a craft each week that he proudly brings home to daddy.  Thank God for our local library and what it has done for my son!

David M. Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry Tutor
I have taken out a couple of books by Christopher Moore. One was to kill time on an airplane, and now I have one just for spare time. He is a funny satirist. Just before that I took out some DVDs about hiking the Appalachian trail.

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