What do students really think about our new Learning Suite?

We were thrilled to announce the launch of the new Learning Suite, and students have been connecting to tutors all day. We not only expanded our products, but we added lots of new “stuff” to our classroom and thousands of resources that they can use 24/7.

I can talk about it all day, but rather than listening to me go on, how about hearing it from the students?

Enjoy the (unedited) comments that students left after their session in our new Live Homework Help® classroom:

  • i think the part where we get to talk about which problem u have before loging on to a tutor really helps. tutor.com has gotten way better. woot!
  • Thank you soo much for putting this new service . It is much more easier than the old one. And I am getting my homework done faster. I bet I will be using it everday. It soo cool!!!
  • I really like this new look. It makes typing and drawing easier. It also looks really cooll
  • Esteban C!!!nice nice nice and uses a lot offf winky faces 😉 lol nice guy good job!!!
  • great I love the new tutor.com classroom and everything was clear. great job on the updates!
  • I love how the classroom changed!its great!thanks alot!
  • The changes u people did were cool!!!awesome!!!
  • i love the new class room so very much and the best part was the tutor. he was very pationte and very good explaner i even think that hhe was the head tutor of this program. sorry about my spelling erros. thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love the new format!
  • love this!!! I will continue to use this sevice!! I just LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT/DESIGN. ITS SO COOL AND MAKES IT FUN TO LEARN 😀
  • I really like the new layout, espicially the graph paper option!
  • cool! I like the new design! 😀


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