Reconnecting at ALA


VP of Sales and Marketing, Sandi White with Southeast Sales Director, Krissie Smith at ALA2009

As VP of Sales at, ALA is often about long days at the booth talking about our great services and meeting with clients and prospective clients. It is wonderful and fun and always rewarding. ALA though for me is also about reconnecting with dear old friends. Former colleagues and clients from years ago……catching up on each other’s lives; getting updates about each other’s kids and discovering the good news (weddings, etc) and the not so good news (divorces, etc). For me, ALA is really about personal history, memories and cherished relationships. If it wasn’t for my days at the ALA annual, I would not have the opportunity to learn that Mary Ellen has remarried; that Don and his kids are coping as best as possible with the loss of his wife and their mom or that Dave has moved on to yet another new company. Each year, ALA is staged at a new locale but fortunately every year the same dear old friends are there whom I can catch up with…at least once a year. Thanks ALA for the memories!

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