Pancake Breakfast

pancake breakfast

Ready for our Community Pancake Breakfast

While many of you may have been hitting the snooze button this past Sunday morning, dozens of librarians were joining us for our ALA pancake breakfast.  Hot pancakes and fresh coffee was part of the appeal, but the real draw was listening to our guests and clients – David Belanger from Delaware County Library System and Lori Brezina, Judy Anghelescu, and Kay Scarpello from Omaha Public Library.

Our speakers focused on why they choose to bring services to their respective libraries, how they promoted the service and most importantly how they funded the program.  Here’s some highlights and tips from our presenters.

Identify Cheerleaders – When you bring a new, innovative service like to the community, local politicians take notice and want to get involved.  Let them!  Invite them into the library to see the program in action, get their name in the paper and you’ll have a well-placed community advocate.

Not all Earmarks are Bad – Omaha Public library was able to use a Federal earmark for a Homework Hot Spot program and to fund their one-to-one tutoring service.  A local foundation also contributed.   Want to find foundations in your area?  Check out the Foundation Directory.

Free Promotions are Good – David Belanger shared many fun promotional ideas including posting on Craig’s List (it’s free!),  adding signage to the library system’s book delivery trucks and adding a note to the receipts that patrons get when they take out library materials.

We Chose Because – it’s always one-to-one,  tutors don’t give answers,  lots of customizable promotional materials, tutors are available when our students need them, bilingual support.

If you would like a copy of the presentations, feel free to send me an email.   Thanks again to our wonderful presenters.


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