How We Use the Library – July 20, 2009

Advocating for public libraries is an important part of what we do at In these difficult times, libraries have to spend their valuable resources demonstrating the value they bring to their communities.  We want to help you get the word out.  We have been recapping the ways that employees and tutors benefit from our public libraries.

Here’s how we have been using our public libraries:

Abel Martin, Software Developer
Typically, I use my local library to preview software development books that I might want to buy.  This month I picked up a book about iPhone software development and advanced Javascript techniques.

Rosann W., Mentor
My family and I really utilize our public libraries here outside of Philadelphia.  My children and I attend story time or other summer musical activities each week at the library.  I am part of a monthly book discussion group (saves $15-20 per book and priceless sanity hours).  I also do an informal knitting group each week at our library.  We love our libraries and are grateful for the summer reading programs and online catalogs/reserves available.  As a mom with preschoolers, it is hard to browse the shelves for titles of interest.

Cesar Flores, Senior Staff Accountant
I canceled my Consumer Reports subscription because I can access it online with my library card—saved $26 for the year.

I also checked out one of the Twilight books to determine whether my kids were truly interested in it prior to buying it. This is mighty helpful, particularly when considering the purchase of works published as a series of books.

Christa S.,  Social Studies Tutor
I went to the library and got 4 DVDs, 2 of them new releases; 2 books; and 2 audio books, because listening to books while I clean or get ready in the morning is a really nice thing. I usually pick up CDs too, because they have all a lot of very new ones, but didn’t get any this time. Two days later, I was able to renew 2 of the movies I checked out a couple days ago, online.  Love that I didn’t even have to go in to the library to renew!


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