Funding Programs in Hard Times: Diablo Supports Tempe Public Library

Budgets are tight this year.  Libraries have hard choices to make.   Finding outside funds is often a necessity.  We’re working with many clients to identify funding sources from private foundations, government grants or local businesses.  Tempe Public Library’s successfulTempeDiablos efforts to secure funding from a local group were described today in the Arizona Central news.  

Any Maricopa citizen with a library card can connect to a tutor through Tempe Public Library’s online tutoring program from   The service was originally funded through a state grant which was lost.  Now, the Diablos, a local civic organization, is picking up the bill.  

According to the article, Arnold Davis, executive secretary for the Tempe Diablos said that after reading countless thank you notes from the students he knew the program had to keep going.   See his quote below taken directly from the article.

“The importance of this program really comes home to you when you read the critiques that the users actually write. The kids are getting a tremendous amount of help,” he said.

The bottom line, Davis said is that the hotline is helping Valley students pass their classes and graduate. That is a priority for the Diablos.

“That (graduation rates) represents how well off (our nation’s) going to be in the future,” he said.

We’re thrilled to continue to serve the students of Maricopa and work with the Tempe Public Library.  If your library is looking for funds, we can help.  Contact us and we can identify local and/or national resources and even help with the grant writing process.

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